VG Boys Episode 3, Gears of War!!!!

VGBoys Episode 3 – Gears of WarVGBoys

Episode 3 arrives just in time for the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition which releases today! In this episode we discuss the original Gears of War as well as our excitement for the Ultimate Edition release, Gears of War 4, Multi-player memories and much more! Also a big shout out to the band Megadeth whom we couldn’t resist but jam out to their Gears of War song, it’s just so good, and for those of you who never heard it before… well you need to go check that out pronto!

Is anyone else as excited as us for more GoW mayhem? What changes are you most looking forward to in the new game or that you like most if you’re already playing it? Do you agree with our opinion of chain-saw kills being fair play or do you have your own preferred style of murderous rampaging? Discuss below, please like and subscribe to the podcast so you’re always up to date with what the VG Boys are coming out with!

VG Boys Episode 2, PSX Memories


Episode 2 is coming at you, this time the VG Boys discuss when the original Playstation released with experiences they had as well as feelings on the system in general as well as some discussion on iconic games they loved. Perhaps some games will require a future episode dedicated to them? One can only hope!

Do you agree with what was mentioned in this podcast? Please feel free to comment on anything you really enjoyed about the episode or maybe you didn’t agree! Adam and I want to know what you think, and definitely let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss in the future! As always please like and subscribe to the podcast to stay current with what the VG Boys are dishing out, and as always we thank you for listening and participating.

VG Boys Episode 1, The SNES countdown!


Hello and welcome to the VG Boys podcast! Episode 1 is a trip down memory lane for Adam and Sean as they list their top 5 SNES (or Super Nintendo for anyone who prefers not to shorten the name of such a great system) games which they grew up playing and still play to this day!

If anyone has an opinion on any of the games mentioned, wishes to comment on anything discussed or has a request on any topics or games they’d like the VG Boys to cover in the future, please comment below! We love to hear from you all! Also don’t forget to like and subscribe to the podcast so you don’t have to worry about missing an episode, plus it helps us out and we appreciate it!

Exciting Things!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say there are exciting things brewing for both this, the official VGBoys website as well as our podcast. You will all see changes in the future as we add both content and different forms of media in order to bring the things both we and hopefully you the fans/visitors would like to see! Adam and I are pumped and we know you will be too! Stay tuned!