VG Boys Episode 4, Diablo 3

VGBoysVG Boys Episode 4 – Diablo 3

The VG Boys are ready to battle the forces of hell in this, the latest episode of the VG Boys Podcast! As long time fans of the Diablo series, we could not help ourselves and check out the console port of this PC classic and discuss the many aspects of the game which we love. Also included is a discussion of how different it feels to play it on a console from the PC, the latest improvements to the game since the latest update as well as our favorite and least favorite aspects of the game, check it out!


What do you like most about the game? Is there anything you wish Blizzard would implement in the future, or are there any skills/game mechanics you wish could be tweaked? What is your favorite character class of the Diablo series, and do you like how they are represented in Diablo 3? We love to hear your opinions, discuss below!