Commander Skywalker is approaching…. It’s time for Star Wars Battlefront!

VG Boys Episode 7 – Star Wars Battlefront!VGBoys

The winter months are in full swing for the VG Boys, and aside from the typical holiday fun and responsibilities, Star Wars Battlefront dropped for the PS4 and Xbox One and you know the VG Boys have been all over that like hair on a Wookie. For the first episode of the New Year, we decided this is the best game to talk about after a couple months of playing to discuss some points for those out there who have not yet had the opportunity to partake in the glory of battling in the Star Wars universe. For those of you who have, to discuss which multiplayer modes we find the most fun and continue the long discussion of the Season Pass which has been on everyone’s mind since before the game released.

Feel like we left something out? Think we judged a particular game mode you find more entertaining? Please leave a comment below and discuss with us! We love hearing from you all!