Get Equipped with….. Mega Man X!


The VG Boys return to an old favorite which happens to be the classic title which brought the Mega Man series onto the Super Nintendo back in the early 90’s. We’re big fans of this game and are extremely happy to discuss everything we love about it during the podcast. Come join the fun! 

What are some of your favorite parts of the game? Favorite boss fight or stage? How about a favorite weapon earned from defeated Mavericks? Please comment below and let us know what you like best about one of our favorite SNES titles on the system!

Opinion: Final Fantasy Explorers Rocks!

I have been absolutely loving this game for the 3DS. I’ve always been a fan of handheld gaming, the 3DS definitely being my standard for the past few years. While very reminiscent of the Monster Hunter series, which if anyone has played any title from that lineup you’ll be quick to agree. The very familiar use of staple Final Fantasy job classes certainly show this is indeed a Final Fantasy title. However, this game focuses more on abilities which you have many to choose from and a new feature which allows the player to add special attributes called mutations. An example of this is when a spear is equipped, you can use an ability which can heal yourself and allies, when using the “crystal surge” system which occur through regular combat, certain surges when activated will allow certain abilities, when used during a surge, to potentially mutate with an added ability. This requires purchasing the upgraded move in town and equipping it. So now, as shown below, when certain crystal surges are active and I perform Dragon Heal, there’s a chance it will mutate and gain additional abilities, in this example it has a chance to cooldown quicker than the 20 seconds it requires between uses. 


It’s a little bit of a read I know, and slightly confusing at first but with a couple trial runs it becomes second nature. And if you realize you made a mistake on a skill and want to re-spec it, it’s as simple as equipping the basic skill and starting over mutating it. I’m loving it, my current class of Dark Knight has a buff which will normally up movement speed, but with mutations allows a chance to activate re-raise, life regeneration, haste and the added bonus of any of those bonuses that activate will last longer thanks to duration up bonus. I’m loving the game and hope to post some gameplay footage on our YouTube channel. I highly recommend the game to all!  Tons of monsters to fight, including summons which the series has rebranded Eidolons are the major bosses scattered throughout the world. Weapon/Armor crafting, quests and the much loved multiplayer both locally and online make this worth your time. Check it out if you have the chance!    —Sean