NEWS! May 2016 Gaming News Update


This week’s podcast is a different kind for us, as we’d like to deliver current gaming news whenever we feel its appropriate or news excites us enough to dedicate a full podcast to discussing something that isn’t focused on a specific game, system, etc as our typical format is. We like to be versatile and hope you enjoy! So delay no further and listen in as we discuss major announcements and developments from the big contenders at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo regarding their consoles and future consoles, some talk of the new Doom, 4K media content in general and more! 

           We definitely would like to do more episodes like this in the future but we most of all would like to include content YOU would like to hear more of as well! Please comment below, on instagram, wherever you prefer to let us know what kind of gaming news you’d like us to include or expand upon in future installments. Thanks for listening!