E3 From Home, It’s time for a post E3 discussion!

VGBoysEvery gamer’s favorite time of year has come and gone and there were some exciting announcements! The VG Boys watched with eyes filled with joy and hearts overflowing with love for gaming and what the future of it holds for us all! Join us this week for a wrap up of our favorite announcements from this year and what we’re most looking forward to!

What did YOU like the best? Anything you’d wish we included instead? Well us too! There will definitely be a follow up via our blog for anything additional we wanted to add or further explanations on what we’re excited about. Disagree with anything we said? Leave a comment below, we want to hear from YOU!

Ultima Online Roundtable Featuring Guests David and Mike

UO Roundtable image










The VG Boys are truly excited to finally be able to feature the 90’s PC Game Ultima Online, one of the first successful and popular MMORPG’s. This roundtable session also features 2 special guests and longtime friends of the VG Boys, David and Mike who are also veterans of Ultima Online. Tune in and share the combined tales of 4 friends playing a game they truly loved. Whether it was simple adventuring, dungeon raiding, scamming, looting, killing fellow players, the terror of being hunted by other players in the wild, we’ve seen and done it all. This is a much longer episode than your typical VG Boys podcast, enjoy!

               Are you also a veteran of the Ultima Online community? What server did you play on? Anyone else from the Great Lakes server who recall any of the character names mentioned in this episode? What were the name of your characters, on any server and what was your build? We love hearing tales from Ultima and would love for you to mention anything related to the game in the comments below!