The Games that disappointed us… by not releasing!

Disappointment comes in many forms, for video games, it could be that a game fails to achieve what you expected from it, perhaps it’s boring, or has too much grinding. Sometimes it’s just completely different than what you pictured in your head… but then there are titles that never see the light of day, they are teased, mentioned, shown in clips or screenshots or just written in articles and then poof! They are a part of a long history of what could have been. It’s honestly very sad when titles that fans absolutely want and are looking forward to, usually for years on end suddenly wind up in the scrap heap. Listen to this  new podcast and hear the VG Boys’ take on games which left them wishing for more.

What games do you think should have been mentioned? What’s your pick for the top game which should have been released? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!