Kid Tripp

So Adam and I were able to get a copy of Kid Tripp for the Nintendo Switch thanks to @IndieGamerChick via twitter for #IndieSelect  and spent some time playing it. Ultimately it’s an NES looking game where you play as red hat wearing boy who’s airplane crashes into a giraffe, and now has to run constantly through a series of levels while jumping over obstacles.  You know, that old chestnut. You’re able to hold the jump button (A) for longer jumps and bounces off of most enemies heads, and you can also press the B button to to shoot small projectiles out in an arcing motion. If you hold the left stick away from your forward motion, you slow your pace SLIGHTLY which is helpful to nail some platforming jumps that show up. Simple stuff right?

          I’m (Sean) personally not a fan of these types of “Run forward always” types of games, such as Temple Run and really more so like Mario Run, where Adam is indifferent to them. I enjoy platforming and reaching goals, but the endless push forward is just a style I don’t prefer because I take my time. However, there’s times where speed is necessary and with a clock running getting to that goal sign to complete the level is the task, so off you go! You know what else is all over these levels? Stupid effin’ animals and insects/creatures is what! Timing your jumps perfectly to leap over some of these critters or even to stomp on their head with the constant forward motion has led to some…. unfortunate incidents. Usually involving us yelling at the screen haha. The simple graphics are charming, though we swear this kid looks cross eyed sometimes due to his pupil and hair being the same 8 bit black color, which we did get a laugh from.
There’s thankfully no penalty for dying (which we did, constantly sometimes). You will die, this is very much trial and error and remembering the weird jump or when to shoot because an enemy you can’t jump on is about to be in your path. Stuff like that, so when you use up all your lives you at least can start from the level you are currently on, just forfeit all coins you had collected up to that point. Every 100 (maybe 200? You get them easily and are usually too busy concentrating on when to jump than when you actually see the 1UP appear, it’s more like hey nice…. gotta go gotta go gotta go!). Each level felt different, each level would include a new creature with ones from previous levels making appearances as well. That’s part of the trial and error, seeing what patterns the new critters have and what it’s gonna take to pass them or end their lives. Especially that monkey:

Damm that monkey, very reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog games with the coconut throwing monkey. This jerk also grins when you’re hit or die by any means as shown:



 What a jerk. I definitely lost needless lives just trying to throw things at him, sometimes walking into spikes or not hitting jump in time. But that monkey got his. Oh yes, he got his right in that monkey face. I clearly took this too personally, Adam needed to talk me down a few times when the monkey fueled rage got too much. That’s the thing with these games, you gotta calm down, take your time (even though you can’t because the game itself propels you forward… but you know what I mean) and see the next jump or obstacle ahead and prepare accordingly. Or die, and keep getting a little further each time. Ultimately this is not the kind of game I would have picked up for myself, but I really did enjoy playing it. The nostalgia factor is high because this looks straight out of the NES days, the music helps with that as well, nothing like some chiptunes to bring back the childhood.

I think this is a well done game, sometimes the challenge increases quicker than I expected in some early levels, but it’s a fail and repeat process to progress. The VG Boys very much enjoy our Nintendo Switch(es) and are happy to add another to the collection. Give it a shot, even if it’s outside your comfort zone like it was mine.