E3 2019! Let’s Discuss!

Last month we talked about the possible end of E3 on the last episode, now it’s time to discuss this year’s E3 show without Sony giving a presentation. Many new games were revealed, a bunch that were complete surprises and also a few fan favorites like the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake. Come join the discussion as the VG Boys talk about what they thought this year’s E3 show did well and what was lacking.

What did you find lacking? Anything you wished they could have shown but didn’t? Disappointed by anything shown? What about your favorite part of the show? Let us know in the comments!

High time for Skyrim Adventures: “Bolg!”

Here I get to introduce our first series of “Let’s Play” videos. What better way than to kick it off with a little Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?! I made an attempt at a stealthy, thieving, magic using,¬†and overall rotten souled Dark Elf. For any fans of “The Hobbit” films, you may have already figured out this ironic name given to an elf just doesn’t seem to make any sense. As I would suggest, sometimes you just roll with it. I didn’t want to eat up anyone’s life hours by spending significant time creating and customizing a character name/look. The Skyrim veterans will likely appreciate that. Check out our YouTube channel for more!


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