September Hype!

Hello once again! Sorry we’ve been m.i.a. for the summer, the short story is there’s been a lot going on! But we’re excited to be back and talk about some recent developments in the gaming community. We hope you all have had a great summer and are ready for some fall releases!

The Boys are going where there’s No Man…..’s Sky!

Part 1 Screenshot 2016-08-30 00-36-54 Part 1 Screenshot 2016-08-30 00-34-45No Man’s Sky has been hyped for an unbelievable amount of time, and anyone following along could not argue that the visuals shown, the promises made about “being able to do anything” along with space exploration, ship customization, discovering new solar systems, planets, creatures… it’s enough to make anyone’s hopes rise up through the stratosphere and keep rocketing to space to keep up with this game! Does it compare to the hype? Well that’s a whole other story… or better said a discussion. Tune in while the VG Boys discuss their favorite aspects as well as the numerous issues with No Man’s Sky.
What do you love about the game? What did we forget to mention, or maybe another flaw you experienced we should have touched upon? Comment below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the podcast. Thanks for listening!